Spider Monkey facts from Brady

So I had done an animal report for school and I choose the Spider Monkey. Like Ireland Facts From Brady. Here is the report. You can take any facts you want.

Spider Monkey                                  spider 11 monk          

By: Brady Myers


The spider monkey is a very interesting monkey. The spider monkey’s body is normally 15 to 22 inches long (38 to 58 cm). A very weird fact is that their very strong tail can be even longer and can reach to 34 inches (86 cm.)! Their weight is about 13 to 24 pounds.There are seven species of spider monkeys.

Spider monkeys have gray, brown, tan, red, or black coats and some have white rings around their eyes. Spider monkeys have very good eye sight. The habitat they live in is the canopy of tropical forests. They mostly live in Central and South America. They travel by swinging from tree to tree and their hands look like big hooks for swinging. The main way they travel is in troops of 15 to 30 monkeys. They mostly live 20 years in the wild.spider monkey111.jpg

Spider monkeys like to eat fruit, leaves. flowers, roots, bark, honey, bird eggs, larvae, and insects. They have a good sense of taste and eat more than 150 kinds of plants. The troops will split up for some time to forage for more food. Their enemies are pumas, jaguars and some other big animals who attack or try to steal food. The defense of the spider monkey is very funny, I would stay away from it myself. They will shake branches, poop on predators and if very angry will throw sticks.

The young spider monkey is called a baby spider monkey. Female spider monkeys are ready to have babies when they are between four and five years old. Most have one baby at a time and have more babies two to three years apart. Spider monkey moms carry their babies on their backs.They take care of the baby for two to four years. All baby spider monkeys have pink faces.

I hope you enjoyed my report about SPIDER MONKEYS.🙈🙉🙊🐒



    spider 11 monk                  spider monekey.jpg

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