Ireland facts from Brady


How I have all these facts is probably what you’re asking your self. I will answer you. I did a Heritage Report on It, and I am going to tell you.

People from Ireland mainly speak English, but the native language is Gaelic. Most people greet each other by saying “How ya?” Another famous Irish saying is “Erin go bragh.” This means “Ireland Forever.”

The capital of Ireland is Dublin and the population for all of Ireland is 4,832,765.

The national holiday of Ireland is Saint Patrick’s Day. It is on March 17 every year. We also celebrate it in the United States and there is lots of singing, dancing, and parades. You wear green or else you get pinched!

Potatoes are the most popular food in Ireland, but people also eat fish and chips, lamb, bread, and beer! There are lots of Leprechaun stories from Ireland.

There is a famous monument called the Blarney Stone. according legend, kissing the stone gives the kisser the gift of gab, meaning you are good at speaking. The stone is 600 years old and It is located in Blarney Castle.


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