Earth is special

We live on earth  we need to keep it green not black. 

We can save are Earth here are some tips about cleaning up are plant.

Turn off lights

Think about when you need lights or when the sunshine is shining it gives enough.  It just uses power and we need to save are earth.




Improve outdoors

Plant a garden so you can eat your own food so the farmers does not need to water there big crops as much.







Save Water

When you are taking a shower only take it for 5 to 7 minutes. It saves take and if you take a bath you should fill it half way. Also do not water your garden to much for 2 reasons 1 it waste water and 2 your plants can drown.



Save that Heat!

When you are cold try not to turn on the fireplace or heat there is one time when this is OK it is when you are sleeping you can turn on the heat,but when you are sitting on your couch just get a blanket or jacket.




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