Why Farms?

Hi I’m Brady and I like to “farm it out”. That means I like to play on the farm in my room.

I build animal houses, pens, barns and food stands. I sell the food I grow to visitors and to my sister for her cafe. It’s called Makena’s Cafe but she might change the name.

Brady's Farm
This a picture of part of Brady’s Farm.
View of part of Makena's Cafe
Here is the view of Makena’s Cafe from my farm.

Here is a picture of some of the sheep near the duck pond. The baby sheep like to climb on the hay bales.

Sheep playing on Brady's Farm
Here are my happy sheep.

Here is a picture of the goats drinking some water. Goats are some of my favorite animals, along with sheep and ducks.

Thirsty goats drinking water
Thirsty Goats

Please come by if you would like to visit my farm. These are the prices for tickets and  food I grow. You can also sign up to work.

Ticket and Food Prices at Brady's Farm
Food and tickets prices for Brady’s Farm

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